Thursday 28 April 2011

Celebrate This Mother’s Day With A Gift From Concern Worldwide

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world in honor of mothers and motherhood. But every day over a thousand women die from poverty and hundreds of them are dying of being Victim of Dowry System.

We should Understand that "Woman is the Origin of Birth and Life-Cycle."

This is the symbol of uneducated people who say that Girls are not as good as Boys. Today there is nothing that a girl can't do. So, take an oath on this Mother's day that after today we will respect our mother and all other women.

RHF Helping People Deal With any Deficiency, Disease and Related Issues

Formed in 2008, RHF is a registered public charitable trust that helps families or individuals affected with any by Birth Disease or Disability. We are in process of a free Hospital for Poors in which all the Best Doctors will be Available for their Treatment.

Special facilities for Infants, Children, Women and Old people. There will also be some special wards for Emergency Cases. Ambulance Services will also provided to Cases like- Delivery and Accidents.

RHF Has Exciting News Plus FREE child care Special Offer

RHF is currently working on a very exciting Project – The redevelopment of the Educational Centre for Poor students. All the poor children will get free of cost Education in our Schools.

We have a view of "Revolution in the Education Field", to provide higher education to all those Talented Students who are facing Economical crisis.