Thursday 28 April 2011

RHF Helping People Deal With any Deficiency, Disease and Related Issues

Formed in 2008, RHF is a registered public charitable trust that helps families or individuals affected with any by Birth Disease or Disability. We are in process of a free Hospital for Poors in which all the Best Doctors will be Available for their Treatment.

Special facilities for Infants, Children, Women and Old people. There will also be some special wards for Emergency Cases. Ambulance Services will also provided to Cases like- Delivery and Accidents.

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  1. My son has tried to get help with his teeth and has no problem telling his story for others to learn, if he could go back 15 years he would not go the wrong path...his teeth are so rotted he stays sick and can't keep a job...he starts a job and his bad health and teeth pain seems to be a part in his lack of ability to keep the job...Please any way to even do a loan for him, he will pay as soon as he gets the work done and gets to work...have several people saying he is a great talented worker, just needs to feel better health and about himself...rotted teeth so bad it is hard to look at him or smell his breath being near him or in a car with him so much and as a mother, can't bare to know his pain.